Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Easy Method On How To Use Mtn Bb lite Plan On PC With XT181 App

This is an amazing app, I know it's not that familiar like others, but since I started using it, to be sincere I have been downloading flawlessly no errors and glitches, one thing I love about this app is the simpleness and not a rocket science to use.

                    How to use mtn Bb lite sub with xt181 

1.firstly download the app

2 .after downloading extract with winrar

3.after extracting goto your default browser and click on >>Tools>>>Option>>Advance>>>Network and click on settings choose manual proxy configuration settings and use this ip address Port:8080

4.. Then you go back where u extracted the files to, Click on the XT181.exe to launch the app.

5. Click on listen then minimise the app.  That's all. You can start surfing and downloading till your end, Lol.