Thursday, 8 October 2015

How To Block Spam And Annoying Messages On Your Android Phone Using True Messenger

True caller just released the new Android messenger app called true messenger, which aim is to block all incoming useless messages.
I call them useless because they are not useful. It annoys me sometimes when i see silly messages on my phone which are mostly from MTN. but since I downloaded this app, I've had rest of mind, say bye to useless incessant messages.

The good thing is that with this great app, it would be able to tell you who sent that silly SMS even if they aren't in your contact and also it automatically blocks spam, keeping your lnbox safe and secure.

            Features of True Messenger :
--SMS ID: Identify the sender, even contacts not in your phonebook

– Block SMS: Avoid messages from unwanted numbers and contacts

– Report Spam: Help the community outsmart common spammers by reporting them

– Clean Inbox: Automatically sends spam messages to a separate folder

– Advanced Filter Options: create customized filters with known spam keywords or number series (area codes or country codes)

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